Second Homes & Investment Properties

Stacy Klein, Second Homes Specialist

Buying Second Homes

  • Many of my clients start their Scottsdale Living Luxury lifestyle when they purchase second homes here in our beautiful city. What starts off as a vacation spot for them may soon become their primary luxury home residence.
  • I have worked with several clients to help them find the home of their dreams. I know the questions to ask and the issues they should be aware of to ensure all their needs are met.
  • Buying a second home requires knowledge of the local market, as well as knowledge of the second home buyers and sellers market. Motivations are different in this market and my knowledge and experience can help you reach a successful transaction.
  • There are three main reasons to buy a second home: to use as a vacation property, for investment purposes, and to eventually live in as a new primary residence. I have direct experience working with clients to help satisfy all of these reasons for their needs.
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Stacy Klein, Investment Property Specialist

Buying Investment Properties

  • Investment properties cover a wide range of locations, styles, and financial performance. Understanding my client’s goals and their financial needs is critical to helping them make the right decision for their investment choices.
  • Real estate has proven itself to be a good investment. Buyers may have access to cash flow and home price appreciation over time. Additionally, knowing where to purchase can bring higher appreciation. If an area is targeted for future expansion and has solid infrastructure in place to ensure that growth, buyers can rest assured of the likelihood of greater returns.
  • Knowledge of the local market and various trends is critically important for property investments. Knowing where people want to spend their time and where visitors to the area tend to go is important to fully understand the current and future value of an investment property.
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