Relocation – Moving with You

Stacy Klein, Relocation Specialist

Many clients work with me as their trusted Real Estate Agent for their relocation to Arizona. I understand what it takes to relocate to this area, and what it takes to have a successful move.

Companies seek knowledgeable Real Estate Agents with the right qualifications to work with their employees. A successful transfer adds significantly to the employee’s desire to stay in their new assignment.

Real Estate Agents can help employees find the right home; but the right Agent with knowledge and experience can help employees thrive in their new location.

Communication and empathy are critical. As a transferee to this area myself, I have unique insight into what a transferee needs in terms of support and assistance to be successful.

Keller Williams Relocation supports global mobility. KW services make the moving process simple and easy to manage.

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KW Relocation Department

  • The KW Relocation is a full time department with a full staff that works for you 24/7. KW supports Mobility Companies, Corporations, Organizations, and Third-Party Administrators.
  • KW Relocation focuses on ensuring all relocation policies, procedures, and IRS Guidelines are followed. As a result, KW completes mobility transactions both accurately and  efficiently.
  • All referrals to Keller Williams receive live Customer Service assistance. Every client and every transferee receives exceptional service.
  • KW Relocation has years of experience in the global mobility market. Transferees are assured of a positive experience with KW.
Relocation with Stacy Klein REALTOR® Scottsdale Living Luxury

Keller Williams Culture

  • At Keller Williams, we believe in always putting people first. Our client is the most important person in the transaction. The KW Culture determines how we treat our clients: just like you are family. When you’re here at Keller Williams, you’re family to us. KW supports the physical, financial, and emotional well-being of all of our associates. We also believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work through volunteer programs such as our Red Day initiatives.
  • With Keller Williams, you actually have an extension of your team. We follow your relocation policies and your rules, as required by your business.

Group Moves to Arizona

  • Many companies are finding it economically and strategically important to have a presence in Arizona. Throughout Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, economic growth is expanding and opportunities are growing. KW Relocation is highly skilled at group moves, and provides unparalleled service to clients.
  • My knowledge of the local market and what it takes to make a successful transfer experience is invaluable to group move clients to ensure a positive result.

You can trust Keller Williams Relocation. KW is the worldwide leader in global mobility services.

Contact me today to start your journey!

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